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Emotional Freedom Technique

EFT is a safe, gentle and extremely effective healing technique, which can help with almost any physical, psychological or emotional issue. Once you have worked through any immediate issues you may be facing within a therapy sessions, you will also have a tool for life which you can call on at any time of distress

What to expect from an EFT Session

EFT stands for ‘Emotional Freedom technique’ and is based on the same theory of Chinese acupuncture – this is the understanding that we all have a channel of energy called meridian lines, which runs through our body. Chinese acupuncture uses needles to access these meridian lines, whereas in EFT, we use a gentler approach, by simply ‘tapping’ on certain points on our body. Scientific research has proven this this gentle tapping technique has a significant effect on reducing eh body’s stress response, amongst many other wonderful benefits. Different meridians correspond with different organs in the body too, and so physical healing is also possible using EFT. Research has also shown that EFT is effective in reducing past trauma (or memories of traumatic events) which we ultimately hold in our bodies.

EFT is effective in working with grief, trauma, stress, pain and many other issues. 

When carrying out the tapping technique, we tune into an issue that we may be facing in our life – this may be emotional, physical, psychological or spiritual. We then tap on certain points on our body, whilst talking about and repeating statements about the issue; either in our mind, or to the practitioner, who can help you work through the issues more clearly. The action of tapping helps to reduce our body’s stress response and tune into the issues more effectively, to subsequently help reduce and clear it.





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