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Grief Support

Grief is an individual experience which an effect us on a mental, emotional and physical level. Through years of working with clients and through my own grieving experience, I have picked up a number of tools, combing meditation, mindfulness, EFT and self compassion to help clients to navigate their way through their own individual grieving journey....

What to expect from Grief support sessions

These sessions combine a mix of modalities and practical tools to help you to begin to acknowledge and understand your own emotions around your grief, work through these emotions in a safe and gentle way and find a healthy way to move forward in your loss. You will learn different coping mechanisms to help you in your journey as well.  


Sessions include a mix of Coaching techniques, Emotional Freedom Technique, Mindfulness, Somatic Technique, Calming meditations, Reiki and Self compassion work to help you ease the pain of grief, find acceptance in where you are now and navigate a way through your own journey to a place of integration - moving forward WITH your loved one and their memory. 

Grief is an individual experience and there may be different stages that you go through on this journey, however my work is conducted with the acknowledgement that each client is different and each grief journey is different - these sessions are now at about moving on fro your loss, they are about moving forward with it - to a place integration, heartfelt acceptance and to also provide tools and techniques that can help with different emotions and feelings between sessions. 

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