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Self Compassion Workshops

A series of monthly workshops focussed around different themes of self compassion. Sessions include meditation, relaxation, journaling exercises and other self care techniques.


Workshops will also centre around the yearly cycle, helping us to tune into our own natural and ancient inner wisdom. 


Helping you to fully appreciate your own uniqueness. 

Next Workshop
31st January 2024 - Stepping out of hibernation

@ Inner Health Yoga 2 Greek Street, Stockport
7 - 9pm
Investment - £15

In January's workshop, we will celebrate Imbolc, the ancient festival to mark the beginning of Spring, a time to release the heavy energy of the darker months and step into the lightness. A truly magical time when the Earth reminds us that nothing, not even darkness lasts forever. 

In this month's session we will focus on our own intentions for self compassion for the coming year, as we slowly step out of hibernation, at our own pace and being mindful of our own energy. 

This will be an evening of calm relaxation, intention setting, soothing self care exercises and heart felt meditations. 

Our intention is for you to leave this session feeling more equipped to step into the world in your own unique way. 





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