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Self Compassion

4 Week course - Self Compassion
Nurture & Grow


Online Course - 26th April to 17th May

In person Session - 19th May


Full course (all sessions – online and in person) £87

Online sessions only - £72

In person sessions only - £27

A 4-week online course (with the option to attend an additional in-person session too)  to help cultivate balance and growth for mind, body and soul. The course will bring together the energies of yin and yang . The more vigorous yang energy of moving forward and creating the life you want as you flourish towards to the summer months. We will couple this with the slower yin energy, continuing to nurture yourself and go within, taking care of yourself and learning self-care techniques at the same time.  


Each week, we will explore different techniques including meditations, journaling, self-compassion work and self-healing/soothing exercises, to help you find your own unique ways of nurturing and caring for yourself. 


We will explore techniques of working with and taming the inner voice and inner critic, which has been built through many years of belief systems and attempts to keep us safe, and which may prevent you from reaching for future goals. We will also explore different somatic exercises and meditations to help you sooth mind and body. 


In addition to nurturing techniques, we will also explore a variety of ways to set heartfelt intentions for the year ahead. Tuning into the heart space and your true, authentic self, you will be given space to explore your true desires for the upcoming months. Now is the time to put into action the seeds you have planted for yourself and utilise the energy you have stored over winter. 


In person session 

The final in person session will be for 2 hours and will provide a space to share any insights you may have learned over the past few weeks (either in your own practice or as part of the course).


The in-person session will include:

  • Gentle guided meditations for self-care and cultivating your intentions

  • Journaling exercises

  • Release and intention ritual (Honouring the New moon)

  • Receipt of Reiki energy and deep relaxation


This final session will take place on the New Strawberry Moon in May – a perfect time to release old patterns of behaviour and cultivate intentions and new ways of showing up for yourself!


Herbal teas and some goodies will also be provided 😊


All techniques have been adapted through years of experience working with clients, both individually and in groups to promote self-care, kindness and growth. Self-compassion techniques are based on somatic experiencing and the mindfulness based self-compassion work of Dr Kristin Neff. 



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